Mancow Mueller, Mancow Morning Show

Hottest new band and fastest rising band in America. [During live  performance aired on the February 4, 2013 radio show and on WPWR, My50 Chicago.]

WGN Midday News 

Live Performance aired nationwide on the January 25, 2013 Music Lounge Segment.


Local band to know.

Joe Connors, Paragon Studios

The Board of Governors have a unique hard rock style incorporating melodic chords, hard hitting drums, and catchy lyrical hooks.

The RedEye

Sexy even when sober.

Shawn Kellner, Chicago Music Magazine

The impressive trio sounded like a fusion of hard rock with Chili-Pepper-like vocals. The sound was original and the melodies very catchy. This group is certainly one to keep an eye on.

Kate Jossimer, The Gon Weekly

Board of Governors display a fresh take on a classic sound.  They are a great hour of entertainment, well worth any cover charge.

Tiff Tate, The Local Tourist

[These] guys are awesome…Check out their video LIKE YOU WANNA BE which instantly made me a fan.

The UnScene Chicago

   Spotlight Artist.

LaSonya Ward, Music TAPP

Board of Governors Rock Out “Like You Wanna Be” video…The video set in the West downtown area of Chicago was a great way of showing the city’s beautiful attributes while rocking on the corner…With so many videos these days being about bling or poppin’ bottles in the club, Board of Governors took the route of good old-fashioned music, real topics…The urgency to be yourself comes across nicely…with paused moments of lyrical content, and just drums and guitar-playing.


New and Emerging Music from the Windy City.

SouthSide on the Town

This trio, besides the wonderfully complementing vocal harmonies, packed their headlining performance with plenty of fist-pumping, gritty Southern guitar rock. Out of very little, these three musicians created enough sound as if they were a four or five piece guitar rock band. … So what makes this band so good to be asked to perform at this year’s Summerfest (in Miwaukee) or I AM Fest (Aug 25th at House of Blues Chicago)? Well, honestly, this trio gives their fans a performance filled with simplistic views about the world around them without any added rock fillers or preservatives. Just pure alternative rock music that will chill and thrill your soul with excitement especially during the instrumental bridges where they soak the ears with plenty of twitterpating riffs or heart-pounding crescendo rises to then POW you with a blast of energetic momentum. … BOG wowed this reviewer with one powerful punch of original music after another which kept their die-hard fanatics screaming for more. Yet still, SouthSide was mainly fascinated by their infamous trio of vocal harmonies that melodically tames the wild rock side of this band. Amazing isn’t it how vocals can do that and more to Board’s core rock vibe? And it works too. The vocal melodies match the band’s guitar sound offsetting (a little) hardcore rhtyhms …not by much to turn them into a contemporary band but still retain that gritty Southern feeling. 

Fearless Radio

Board of Governors is a Chicago based rock trio that blends complex universal thoughts of the world around us with a simple straight forward rock sound.

I AM Fest, Independent Arts and Music Festival

Winner of the 2011 I AM Fest Battle of the Bands.

Sarah Flagg, Lincoln Park Patch

Review of BOG’s headlining performance at the first annual DANSTOCK concert at Lincoln Hall to benefit cancer research.

SouthSide On The Town

Board of Governors [at the House of Blues on August 25, 2012] turn up the heat as well as electricity with their electrifying guitar rock sound. And this band, blogspot readers, did not disappoint their fans who were screaming and rockin’ out along with this trio. There was excitement for the intense riffs and percussion rhythms flowing throughout the main floor ..but watch out for Board’s chord changes too -not only will it increase the band’s music intensity but also your rock experience even while the hair is flying around the stage.

Miami Short Film Festival

Music Video “Like You Wanna Be” was screened at the “Moments of Insanity” portion of the Miami Short Film Festival.  As for the insane conduct, it was noted, “The Board of Governors follows a producer around until he records their demo.”

Kyle C. Stilley, Music Without Labels

BOG’s music is definitely full of energy and passion. Their music takes you back while incorporating modern musical elements that give it a fresh new spin.

Kevin Kosterman,

These riff-driven rockers toe the line between ’90s alternative and modern power-pop.

Sarah Flagg, Lincoln Square Patch

Write-up and photos of February 2013 Lincoln Hall headlining performance at Danstock, benefit for the Lurie Comprehensive Care Center.

SouthSide On The Town

Board of Governors [at the Elbo Room I AM Fest Battle of the Bands Finale] stepped up the playing field by rockin’ out the Elbo Room basement lounge with some of their hip shakin’ and head-banging sound. SouthSide enjoyed the dazzling guitar riffs – so bold and vibrant …   This reviewer highly recommends checking out Board of Governors’ energized Southern rock vibe even while in a downtempo rhythm.

Wounded Warrior Rockfest

Featured artist in 2011 Wounded Warrior Rockfest promo video.

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